Eds Global Membranes;
It is produced with a Professional understanding at every stage from the creation of raw material formulation to technical design of the rubber product production molds.

EDS Global has a wide range of membrane products produced in various rubber types ( NBR, SBR, EPDM, BUTYL ).


All rubber press machines for which EDS membranes are produced are manufactured according to the latest technology, the best efficiency and the highest safety standarts. These machines have a very strong closing force and high injection capacity ( up to 900 tons and 12.5lt capacity ) with mold size up to 1600mm x 1100mm.


The laboratory is an important place where the quality of EDS membranes is tested. Quality controls first start with the rubber raw material. Then, the physical properties and mechanical properties (elongation, compression, hardness) are checked in the final products to determine the optimum production-molding conditions. In addition, controls regarding heat resistance, contact with water and other liquids and cyclic elongation are carried out in the laboratory

Membranes for Pressure and Expansion Tanks

EDS membranes are mostly used in cold and hot water tanks, sanitary water and reverse osmosis tanks. These membranes, which are the heart of the tank, are produced in the form of bags in single volume or double volume. 

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